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Fluff Words

Conversation filler word usually. not meaning that the"amazing" thing or "amazed" person was truly so, but because it was of the ICC, it was seemingly so.
The most popular fluff word in the ICC is the word"awesome". "Awesome" is a word used by members to describe anything and everything that is of the ICC, and therefore good. Members using this word are not always aware of what they are truly saying, not always fully believing that what they are speaking of is truly awesome.
An adjective borrowed from repeat occurrences in Acts, the ICC uses "bold" to describe their own outspoken and arrogant manner of"evangelizing".
See "convicting/convicted"
A thing is "convicting", a person is"convicted". "Convicting" is anything or anybody that prompts an ICC member to feel inadequate in their behavior, lifestyle, or relationship with God, usually. followed by an abrupt change accordingly.A "convicted" person is one who has been reduced to "brokenness"(self-hatred, emotionally instability) following an ICC "Light and Darkness study" or "Cross study". According to the ICC, there are three stages of membership: curious (going to a service,participating in initial "Bible studies"), "convicted" (after having completed the full series of "Bible studies", and committed (a member).
Encouraging/ Encouraged
Soothing, relieving proof that you are doing the right thing is"encouraging" according to the ICC. "Encouragement" can be anything from receiving a overly decorative card after having been out on a date to being called "God's spokesmen and modern day "prophet" in services. It is the continual cycle of "encouragement" and "rebukes"(verbal abuse) that keep "disciples" in check.
Great Things
Usually. used in the context of an ICC member doing"great things" for God or God doing "great things" through an ICC member. "Great things" almost always refers to, but is not limited to, a member's or an entire congregation's potential recruitment of new members or a member's or an entire congregation's potential money-giving capabilities.
"See "mighty, powerful, and convicted". (Note:"impacting" is not really a word but conjured from "having an impact").
See "convicting/convicted".

See "powerful".
Sometimes used in same context as"convicted/convicted", but often used to compare the ICC with Churches of Christ. One justification for the ICC's controversial ways is that if the movement was not "moving" (as in growing, expanding, etc.),then they would not be of God. What makes the ICC a movement of man and not of God is this fact alone: their success is based on superficial values (numbers of recruits, "sharpness" of leaders,money collected, etc.) and not spiritual values founded on a healthy relationships with God.
In the ICC, it is commonly believed that if you have a"powerful prayer," God will be more prone to answering it."Powerful", another filler word, is used to describe things which are big, loud, and intimidating. In this sense, you will find many"powerful evangelists" in the ICC.
When a member believes that God has spoken to him/her usu.through a message in that someone shared a common "struggle", he/she is said to have "related". Often, these incidents are not by accident or coincidence, but actually planned by those in leadership. This phenomenon is called mystic manipulation, or the manmade plotting of allegedly "spiritual" events.

Religious Concepts

Body of Christ
Churches which follow no other scriptural authority than that of the Word of God and who believe that Jesus is the head of the Church of Christ are a part of the Body of Christ, yet the ICC claims this title as solely its own. The ICC denounces all Christian churches outside of the ICC as "lukewarm" (lacking in conviction) and "far from God".


Jesus' Standard
Jesus Standard is the alleged model for all"disciples". Although claiming imperfection as human beings, ICC members are taught to believe they are to strive for "perfection in Christ", thus the continual behavior modification to become just as they are taught Christ would be.
Spiritual Battle
The ICC continually reflects upon the continual"spiritual battle" that is going on around us. The concept of a"spiritual battle" is present in many religions. With the ICC,however, leaders have cast members of the ICC in the role of the"good" versus the rest of the world in that of the "evil".