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Five (Six) Essential Steps to Baptism into the ICC
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Terms for those who Leave
Songs in the ICC

Mandatory Events in the ICC

Bible Talk
As a "disciple", attendance to each "Bible Talk" which includes rotating on a schedule to bring snacks and drinks, being "relatable" in your sharing time, and agreeing wholeheartedly to whatever the "Bible Talk leader" says so as to look good in front of "visitors".
Birthday Party
Required that you celebrate birthday with"disciples" in the form of a party in which each person usually. takes turns "uplifting" the person having the birthday. A method called roasting is very popular at these events: consisting of berating or mocking a person's characteristics. After the roasting comes the"uplifting". This is a subtle example of the punishment/praise model common in cults employed to keep subjects in a state of instability.
Bible Study
One-on-one to four-on-one indoctrination sessions involving an ICC member/members and an unsuspecting recruit are "Bible studies". These highly structured studies include The Word, Discipleship, The Church, Light and Darkness/Baptism, The Cross, and Counting the Costs . Bible studies, although said to be informal, are actually highly structured and geared at narrowing a recruit's choices down to one glaring conclusion: that he/she must join the group and be "saved".
Any time two "disciples" one being male and the other female, spend time getting to know one another better--never just the pair,but only when accompanied by anywhere from one to several couples.Usually., doesn't involve any sort of mutual attraction.
Devotional "Devotionals" (Campus, Singles, or Marrieds) usually., take place on a Friday and can either be held in a room as small as a classroom or as large as a hotel ballroom. They usually. consist of a"message" from an "evangelist" or an aspiring one followed by fellowshipping. Often, at "Campus Devotional" the "message" will be preempted with "game night" in which "Bible Talks" compete against one another playing various popular board games. Devotionals in the ICC are usually. geared toward bringing people into the group.
Hang Out Times
Appointments made for the express purpose of getting to know someone better usually. set up between a new or prospective member and a "discipler" or a "disciple" and their newly appointed "discipler".
Mid-week Service
Required that you attend each "Mid-week Service" which includes arranging a ride, actively participating in the service, "confessing" and "praying" within "discipleship groups," as well as giving your "weekly contribution" and making pledges both monetarily for "Special Missions Contribution" and for the purpose of pleasing leaders with "stats lists".
Prayer Appointment
Appointments made for the express purpose of"praying" together usually. with the intent of promoting impressionable chanting.
Quiet-time Meetings
Appointments made for the express purpose of having/ sharing a "quiet-time" together usually. with the intent of"keeping one another accountable".
Any period of time set aside for which particular groups of the ICC (Campus, Singles, Marrieds, Men, Women, etc.) participate in a lengthened "devotional" usually. taking place in a hotel. "Retreats" usually. last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and consist of much singing,"praying," giving "testimonials". "Visitors" are usually. pressured during this activity to "study the Bible". Entertainment can consist of anything from "spiritual" skits, to meaningless games, to talent show-like performances by competing groups.
Sunday Service
Sunday Service Required that you attend each Sunday Service which includes arranging a ride to the event (wherever it may be), actively participating in the event, fellowshipping afterwards, often having lunch with other "disciples" and "visitors" afterwards. "Visitors"often asked to attend this event first.

Conceptual Distinctions

Fulfilled/Unfulfilled See saved/lost. Those having purpose and meaning in their lives as in those in the ICC v. those who have empty and pointless lives as in those not in the ICC, according to ICC tenets. "Unfulfilled" is not a word just as "unopen" is not a word,only fabricated by ICC leadership to further emphasize the negativity of not meeting their preset ideals.
Godly/Ungodly Anything that is approved by the leaders, the"spiritually mature" as "righteous" v. anything that is not approved by the ICC.
Heaven/Hell The place where, "disciples" believe, "disciples"alone will go after they die physically v. the place where the ICC believes everyone who is not a "disciple" in their "church" is going.
Love/Hate In the ICC, how you love depends on who is to be loved.You "love" your "discipler" by trusting him/her and imitating him/her. Reciprocally, a "discipler" shows his/her "love" for his/her"disciple" by not trusting their judgment and verbally abusing the"disciple" for behavior which the "discipler" deems inappropriate.Upon joining the ICC, recruits are taught that they are much loved God which is why He sent His Son to die for them, however, after joining, recruits are taught that they must continually work in recognition of God's "love" so that He will not reject them. You are to "love" the person, but "hate" the sin they do--which grows increasingly convoluted when people, upon leaving or considering deviating from ICC practices, are personified as sin itself.
Pure/Impure See sinless/sinful, usually. related to an extreme paranoia of anything which can conceivably lead to sexual immorality.Rarely is "pure" uttered by a "disciple" unless as in a desire to have it, yet "impurity" is commonly used to describe with disgust anything from R- Rated movies to a non-ICC couple holding hands.
Salvation/Condemnation The basic bottom line in ICC doctrine: those who join the ICC have a very high chance of achieving '"salvation" of getting into Heaven; yet those who critique, leave, or never join the ICC are indefinitely doomed to Hell. Note: you are trained upon that you are "saved," however, recent developments in ICC doctrines dictate that even a seemingly "fully committed disciple"can go to Hell for not "being open" (sharing one's sins), for not"being fruitful" (bringing in new members), and essentially failing in any aspect of not living up to ICC standards. In true Christianity, Christians are taught that salvation is a free gift from God through Jesus that can never be taken away.
The totalitarian world view that everyone in the ICC is "saved" or has "salvation" v. everyone outside of the group being "lost" or"having condemnation". Unbeknownst to the new recruit, their "saved"status will be questioned and systematically tested repeatedly throughout their involvement by leaders. See "Revolution Through Reconstruction".
Sinful/Sinless Anything that gets in the way of a member's cohesion with the total ICC unit. Common "sins" as perceived by ICC members include: independence (as in wanting to go to a non-member's birthday party without supervision by another "disciple",rebelliousness (as in having one's own biblical convictions),"pridefulness" ( as in refusal to accept someone's borrowed convictions), "unopenness," (as in unwillingness to reveal one's innermost thoughts, fears), and sexual immorality (as in finding someone physically attractive), idolatry (as in wanting to hold on to one's wedding ring despite "Special Missions"), ICC members strive obsessively for "sinlessness" or "Jesus' standard" which means not just being merely Christlike, but molding one's very character and being into the ICC's hyperbolic interpretation of "Jesus".
Spiritual/Unspiritual See sinless/sinfulness. In the ICC,"spirituality" (righteousness before the group) is determined by a few key factors: "fruit" (the amount of people one is able to coerce into joining as well), knowledge of the Bible in accordance with the ICC teachings, and a willingness to "surrender", "deny oneself", or"feel the pain" (submit oneself to the leadership both financially and emotionally). An "unspiritual" person is one who is unsuccessful at obtaining and retaining members for the ICC, one who has difficulty finding parallels between the Scriptures and ICC teachings, or one who maintains one's financial and emotional stability despite "advice" from leaders to do otherwise.
Worldly/Godly This distinction is made usually. to label behavior that is inappropriate according to the ICC v. that which is approved by the ICC leadership. A newly "baptized disciple" leaving his/her"ministry" to attend her uncle's funeral 1,000 miles away is perceived as "worldly" for being "sentimental". If the same"disciple" were to remain with his/her "ministry" thereby distancing him/herself from her family, his/her behavior is justified by the the ICC's understanding of "godliness".

Traits of the "Heart"

Heart The ICC teaches their newer recruits not to trust their own hearts, or their gut instinct, when they are being indoctrinated.Soon, recruits are taught that their obedience to the ICC authority is proportional to the goodness of their "heart" or their closeness to God. The definition of "heart" in the ICC changes to fit the purpose--at first it is considered uncontrollable, then it is taught that the "heart " is can be controlled by obedience to ICC teachings.A willingness to succumb to ICC teachings is considered having a"soft, good or sacrificial heart" while any form of deviation from this authority is considered having a "hard, bad or selfish/ prideful heart".
Bad Heart
A "hard heart" when it has been hardened even further than the extent that it is to be construed as a "hard heart" is a"bad heart". "Bad heart" is a term often used to refer to those who have left the ICC, or those who are not "submissive" (compliant and conformed) with the ICC doctrines and practices. When someone is perceived as having a "bad heart," usually., it connotes that the person was irascible even from the beginning of their recruitment--which is usually. not necessarily so. Synonym: "bitter".
Hard Heart
A "hard heart" or "a hardened heart" is the term commonly used in the ICC to whip their "disciples" into submission. No matter if you have read contradictory evidence in the Bible, no matter if your very conscience is ripping you to shreds -- not agreeing with or submitting to the ICC teachings or not obeying your"discipler's advice" is having a "hard heart" or being far away from God. An ICC member with a "hard heart" is difficult to sway into a behavior or conviction he/she deems inappropriate. He/she stands up for what he/she has strong convictions in and refuses to submit in blind obedience the leaders. Anything from an undying curiosity "overanalyzing" to complete emotional shutdown "being unopen" is indicative of a "hard heart" in the ICC.
Prideful Heart
A "prideful heart" in the ICC is usually. when someone stands by one's own convictions despite warnings to do otherwise by their leaders. An unwillingness to devalue one's core values and beliefs and conform to group-thought is perceived as "having a prideful heart". Usually. when someone who has a lot of biblical background, yet refuses to submit to the ICC teachings, they are seen as being "prideful" or "having a prideful heart".
Sacrificial Heart
A "sacrificial heart" is rarely used in the ICC as an accolade for what someone has given up for the ICC, moreover as a command for "disciples" to give, usually. monetarily. "Having a sacrificial heart" is a common theme in the messages given by the"evangelists" in the ICC prior to "Special Missions Contributions". To be sure, there is nothing wrong with having a "sacrificial heart"(willingness to give up anything and everything to fulfill a purpose or goal), yet when that "anything and everything" is defined by others, and the purpose or goal is unclear -- you are no longer giving with a sacrificial heart, but in blind obedience.
Soft Heart
Someone the ICC considers having a "soft heart" is in reality easily manipulable, or naive. Usually. the term "soft heart" is used to describe someone who is in the process of being indoctrinated into the group through the "Bible studies". Also, but less frequently, a "disciple" who believes/follows anything the leaders him/her is seen as having a "soft heart". He/she listens to his/her leaders and does as they instruct or "advise". "Disciples" with a "soft heart" forego their conscience to mold their behavior into a pattern that is acceptable to the leadership.
Unopen Heart

An "unopen heart" is also seen as far away from God in the ICC in the sense that the person is unwilling to : accept the ICC's dogma, give the ICC the benefit of the doubt, and to "confession" (spill the beans about one's private thoughts, fears, emotions,mistakes). If you are not willing to reveal every little personal idiosyncrasy or character flaw about yourself to your "discipler" and thus, the ICC leaders, you are seen as "unopen". (Note: the "un-" in"unopen" implies negativity. Although grammatically correct, the word"closed" does not have the same negative impact.)