Songs in the ICC

We Love You With the Love of the Lord
This deceptive song is sung to newly "baptized" recruits. It implies that the love of the people singing it, most whose names the new recruit may not even know, is unconditional when this love is, in fact, conditional upon the recruit's cohesion with the group.

Swear Words ICC Disciples Can Get Away With

Possibly from backwards "God" or a derivation of "damn".
Good Night!
Derivation of "goddam". Usu. used when referring to someone who is"unopen". Could also imply that said "unopen" person is asleep"spiritually", thus "Good Night"!

Places to Meet

Hotel ballrooms are often rented for large services and retreats.
"Bible talks" often take places in houses or apartments of members called "households" rather than in public areas. The ICC has determined that people tend to lower their inhibitions or suspicions about them when people have been made to feel welcome in their homes.
Members tend to frequent areas where they may be large concentrations of people (i.e. campuses, flea markets, malls, amusement parks, arcades, cafes, etc.)

Derivations of "Sin"

A "sin" is anything that can and will be held against you in a breaking session. New recruits are told to "confess" or tell in detail all of their "sins". Click here for a detailed list of "sins"according to the ICC.
Sin of Commission
Watching, believing, or doing something completely and totally acceptable according to the stringent standards of the leaders,cause for a "breaking" session, is a "sin of commission" or erring deliberately.
Sin of Omission
Failing to live up to a standard that the leaders set, falling into temptation, or refusing to be humble and pathetic is seen as a"sin of omission" or erring by negligence.
Anyone who doesn't agree and cohere with the ICC's teachings.
Super Sin
Sin that goes beyond what an ICC member would construe to be"normal" sin.

Call & Response

All right (Now)!
Everything's OK, usu. in a positive and haunting fashion.
Conditioned response to a leader's "firing-up".
"Keep dishing the dogma!", usu. in a positive tone.
Yes, Father!
An affirmation meaning "ditto" usu. to show others that you are still awake after a 20 minute plus head-bowing prayer.
You go!
See "C'mon". Note: fact that "go" rhymes with "bro'" (abbreviation for "brother") might contribute to its frequency among ICC members.