Characteristics of a Good Disciple

Carries His/Her Cross
See "deny yourself."
Denies Oneself
To "deny oneself" is to give up one's personal desires--be it to attain higher education.....
To "disciple" someone is to scold them, show them through biblical eigesis how they do not measure up to "Jesus' standard," to "rebuke"is "disciple" on a harsher scale.
"Effective" disciples are not only productive in that they spend hours attempting recruiting new members, they are also successful at getting people to join. Naturally, a "sharp" person is more effective at influencing people to join than a not-so-sharp "disciple."
Fears God
A "disciple" who fears God works compulsively to make himself/herself approved by the ICC leadership. Pleasing his/her leaders, a disciple is taught, is the way to be favored in the eyes of God.
A "disciple" is seen as "fruitful" when he/she manages to coerce a new recruit into joining the ICC. As all "disciples" strive obsessively toward this goal, although many deny the emphasis on recruiting, new members as a means of determining one's"spirituality."
Gets Advice
"Getting advice" in ICC means getting permission from a superior.
Gets Advice on a Person
"Getting advice on a person" in the ICC means getting permission to "have an interest in" someone, or like them, or to get instructions on how to handle a potentially "sinful" relationship.
A "disciple" who has mastered the ability to "rebuke"others, or verbally abuse them, who has no qualms about speaking publicly about public confessions, and who generally invokes fear in his/her subordinates is considered "hard-lined." The ICC teaches that Jesus was "hard-lined" in the same fashion, giving recruits a gross misinterpretation of Christ as rude, gossiping, and repugnant.

Has an Vision for Oneself

Static ICC vision is for men to become evangelists and women to become "women's counselors," personal desires as far as career goals are otherwise considered "worldly."
See "soft-hearted."
To emulate others, event hose characteristics one finds ungodly.
See "hard-lined."
To evaluate others based on their inadequacies compared to Jesus.

Perseverance/ Perseveres
Despite bouts with one's conscience and high-levels of"persecution" or outside information against the ICC, "disciples" are trained to "persevere" on to endure and tolerate opposition. This"perseverance" consists of scripted responses to isolation and repeat indoctrination.
A "disciple" in the ICC "prays" continually, chanting without taking his/her focus off of the group's misinterpretation of Jesus and God's will.
Prays About It

A "productive" disciple is the first step to being an "effective"disciple," meaning you virtually crank out the recruits for leadership approval.


A "relatable disciple" is charismatic

The "sacrificial disciple" is willing to give up everything to prove he or she has lived up to the calling. Contribution of money is emphasized during ICC services. A major factor in the ICC-'take' is the Special Missions Contribution, or SMC. The net effect of the SMC is to roughly double the 10% that members tithe to the sect.
Shares (Faith)
To "share" is to impart any recruitment related "good news" during service. To "share faith" is to actively meet people for the express purpose of recruiting them.
The ICC emphasizes that "disciples" appeal as though and recruit people who seem to be "sharp." AS with many destructive groups, such an emphasis is made to increase the group's overall prestige and appeal to outsiders.

Studies It Out

Scripted language used to shut out any questions regarding ICC doctrines or practices.
See "deny oneself." Also, "obedient".

To place one's confidence in the ICC.

"Bible Studies" Indoctrination

First Principles/Bible Study Series

Members of the ICC are trained to memorize or implement the "First Principles" studies into their recruiting process. "First Principles" compiled by Kip contains all of the ICC scriptural rhetoric. All the popular scriptures used to indoctinate people into the ICC are fully disclosed in this booklet. While most members have a copy of this doctrinal outline, new recruits are kept from obtaining a copy due to the necessary withholding of information involved in deception.

NIV version of the Bible (over older texts)

NIV-circulation late 1970s-beginning of ICC Crossroads-late 1970s teaches only from NIV version, that other bibles (American, NAS, King James, Greek, etc.) are invalid.

The Word
First Study-usually or non-religious people: First step to soothe,inspire, and get people to feel slightly inadequate in their relationship with God.
Study setting up "we or they" mentality, emphasis on getting inductee to admit her/she is not cared.
Members of ICC=Christlike=having salvation: 1. members rebaptized. ICC practices unchristian-deceit. 3. salvation based on faith in Christ- not on faith in ICC.
Do Anything, Go Anywhere
The "cost" of call of being an ICC disciple.
Go, Make Disciples
"Go, Make Disciples" is the single command of the Bible ICC"disciples" based their entire doctrine on. Members will lie to recruits, forsake family, friends, even deny their own values and moral codes to fulfill this purpose--to recruit others into the ICC.
The Church
One True Church
Light & Darkness
Where one learns one is not to associate with un-ICC-like behavior, people and situations. ICC in "light"-everyone else in"darkness".
The Cross
Study in which recruits are induced with quilt to the extent they are "broken"--group presents a gruesome and grossly misrepresented portrayal of Jesus' death on the Cross.
Breaking Session/Break/Broken
To induce guilt/shame in a member about his/her personal problems and apply it to his/her failure before "God"-total emotional breakdown./When someone has been emotionally razed by Bible Studies to extent that he/she is willing to listen/submit to teaching-high suggestibility.
Cut to the Heart
Disciples are taught to internalize the pain and suffering of Christ on Cross; guilt induction.
Feel the Pain

Jesus' Death

Medical Analysis of the Crucifixion of Christ
Supplementary doctrine with little biblical basis used for "The Cross Study". This long, detailed document is given to new recruits to read in the presence of members. Additionally, videos depicting this event may be shown. The graphic and violent nature of Jesus' death on the cross is not only emphasized, it is instilled in recruits as a direct result of their lifestyle outside of the ICC. New recruits are labeled as "murderers", "killers", etc. of Jesus. After this emotional sabotage, the ICC love-bombs the new recruit and offers them forgiveness through affiliation. Like "First Principles", the medical analysis is restricted from distribution to non-members.

Counting the Costs

The last study necessary before "baptism" into the ICC is the "Counting the Costs". Usu. but not always is this study carried out by an older, high-positioned member who, along with one or several other members, reinforce once and for all that one must be willing to give up everything (family, friends, personal belongings, and self) to become a member. Although not exactly the loftiest of propositions, recruit is promised unconditional love, a seat in Heaven, and a new lease on life. Recruits who seem hesitant are threatened with social rejection, Hells' fires, and the predicted emptiness of a life with the ICC. "The Cross" study is enforced here as well.