The information presented in chapters 11-14 was based on interviews Gene Vinzant conducted early in 1987 with leaders of discipling churches. There have been some significant changes since then that need to be noted as we now prepare for the second printing of this book. Several discipling churches have rejected the hierarchical concept of the Boston Church of Christ and have charted an independent course. These include: Crossroads in Gainesville, Florida; Miami-Gables in Miami, Florida; Central in Huntsville, Alabama; Boulder, Colorado; Rocky Mountain in Fort Collins, Colorado; DeKalb, Illinois; South Baton Rouge in Louisiana; and several others. In almost every place where the Boston church has taken over an existing discipling church, the church has divided and there are now independent discipling churches in these cities. The hierarchy, however, continues to grow. Discipling churches in Normal, Illinois, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, have now joined the Boston network.

Several other recent developments should be noted. The structure of the Boston church has changed. Kip McKean now leads all the churches of their hierarchy and the Boston church has
pointed four other evangelists to be in charge of four 1,000-member churches that still function in many ways as a single congregation. Leaders of the Boston church are now much more open in expressing their judgment that members of other churches of Christ are not true Christians and never have been saved. They have publicly stated their judgment that Alexander Campbell was not a true Christian and did not really start the Restoration Movement. Their position seems to be that Kip McKean started the Restoration Movement in Boston in 1979. Perhaps the most important development in the year since this book was written is that counselors in virtually every city where this radical movement exists are now being flooded with clients who are the psychological, emotional, and spiritual victims of this authoritarian movement. Psychologists who specialize in treating cult victims have reported that in several cities they are now treating more people from these discipling congregations than from all other groups put together. These professional counselors are unanimous in their judgment that the Boston-led hierarchy of discipling churches is a dangerous cult.