The following is a list of all the known churches that are affiliated with the Boston movement and all of their future targets. Each church and target planting are listed as follows:

City of church (name of church, if different);
date of beginning;
church that planted this one.

North America

United States
Boston; June 1979, started by Kip McKean.
Chicago; June 1982; Boston.
New York City; June 1983; Boston.
Providence; June 1985; Boston.
Minneapolis (Twin Cities); January 1987; Chicago.
St. Louis; August 1987; "replanted" by Chicago.
Atlanta; August 1987; split from Atlanta Highlands and taken over by Boston.
San Francisco; September 1987; "reconstructed" by Boston.
The following churches were not planted directly by Boston, but are under Boston's influence:
San Diego (Mission), in 1987 began being discipled by Boston.
Albuquerque (Mt. Vista), in 1987 began being discipled by Mission church.

Phoenix (East Valley), in 1987 began being discipled by Mission church.
Denver, in 1987 began being discipled by Boston.
Tallahassee, Florida (University)
Gainesville, Florida (Crossroads)
Orlando, Florida (University Boulevard)
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (Westside)
Columbia, South Carolina (Shandon)
Charlotte, North Carolina (Northview)
Champaign, Illinois (Cornerstone) Cincinnati (Gateway) Milwaukee (Lakeview)
Indianapolis (Landmark)

Future Targets
Los Angeles; 1988; Boston
Miami; 1988; Boston
Washington, D.C.; 1988; Boston
Philadelphia; Chicago
Seattle; Chicago
Dallas; Chicago
Detroit; Chicago
Portland; Chicago
Baltimore; Chicago
"The Research Triangle," North Carolina; Atlanta
Knoxville, Tennessee; Atlanta
Lexington, Kentucky; Atlanta
Little Rock, Arkansas; Atlanta
Jacksonville, Florida; Atlanta
New Orleans; Atlanta
Norfolk, Virginia; Atlanta
Huntington, West Virginia; Atlanta
Jackson, Mississippi; Atlanta
Houston; San Diego (Mission)
Orange County, California; San Diego (Mission)
Hartford, Connecticut; Providence
Buffalo, New York; Providence

Toronto (Central Toronto); 1985; Boston

Future Targets
Vancouver; Toronto
Montreal; Toronto
New Brunswick; New York

Latin America and Carribean

Northern Latin America
Mexico City; 1987; Boston

Future Targets
(City; Church Planter)
Guatemala City; Mexico City
San Jose, Costa Rica; Mexico City
Panama City; Mexico City
Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Mexico City
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Mexico City
Caracas, Venezuela; Mexico City
Bogota, Colombia; Mexico City

Western and Southern Latin America
Buenos Aires; 1988; Boston

Future Targets
Quito, Ecuador; Buenos Aires
Lima, Peru; Buenos Aires
La Paz, Bolivia; Buenos Aires
Asuncion, Paraguay; Buenos Aires
Montevideo, Uruguay; Buenos Aires
Santiago, Chile; Buenos Aires

Sao Paulo; 1987; New York City

Future Targets
Rio de Janeiro; Sao Paulo

Kingston, Jamaica; 1987; "replanted" by Boston

Future Targets
Nassau, Bahamas; Kingston
Bridgetown, Barbados; Kingston Port of Spain, Trinidad; Kingston
Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Boston


Great Britain and Ireland
London; 1982; Boston

Future Targets
Manchester; London
Birmingham; London
Edinburgh; London
Dublin; Boston

Western Europe
Paris; 1986; Boston

Future Targets
Brussels, Belgium; Paris
Amsterdam, Holland; Boston
Lisbon; New York and Sao Paulo, Brazil

Stockholm; 1986; Boston

Future Targets
Helsinki, Finland; 1988; Stockholm
Oslo, Norway; Stockholm
Copenhagen, Denmark; Stockholm
Reykjavik, Iceland; Stockholm

Italy and Greece
Future Targets

Milan; 1989; Boston
Rome; Milan
Bologna; Milan
Palermo; Milan
Athens; Boston

Central and Eastern Europe
Future Targets Munich, West Germany; 1988; Boston
West Berlin; Munich
Istanbul, Turkey; West Berlin
Vienna; Munich
Yugoslavia; Vienna
Romania; Vienna
Albania; Vienna
Hungary; Vienna
Bulgaria; Vienna
Soviet Union; Vienna
Leningrad, Soviet Union; Helsinki, Finland


Johannesburg, South Africa; 1986; Boston

Future Targets
Lagos, Nigeria; Boston and London
Cairo, Egypt; Boston
Nairobi, Kenya; New York
Kinshasha, Zaire; Paris

Asia and South Pacific

India and Middle East
Bombay; 1987; Boston

Future Targets
Calcutta; Bombay
Madras; Bombay
Delhi; New York
Pakistan; Bombay
Sri Lanka; Bombay

Far East
Hong Kong; 1988; Boston
Tokyo; 1988; Boston

Future Targets
Taipai, Taiwan; Boston
Manila, Philippines; San Francisco
Bangkok, Thailand; San Francisco
Seoul, South Korea; San Francisco
Singapore; 1988; London
Bangalore; London
Mainland China; Hong Kong

Australia and New Zealand
Sydney; 1987; London

Future Targets
Melbourne, Australia; Sydney
Auckland, New Zealand; Sydney