The following information was derived primarily from the August 30, 1987, bulletin of the Boston Church of Christ. According to this bulletin, there are a total of 27 present and future "pillar churches." These churches each have supervision over a specific territory. That territory is named after the church's name.

Boston Church of Christ--Global
The Boston church is not listed as a "pillar church." Clearly, the Boston church is at the top of the pyramid and thus does not belong at the first level below the top. As of August 1987 Boston had planted or taken control of seven domestic pillar churches and six foreign pillar churches. Future pillar churches to be planted directly from Boston include: Mexico City (1987), Buenos Aires (1988), Hong Kong (1988), Los Angeles, Miami, Washington, D.C., Munich (1988), Tokyo (1988), and Milan (1989). Thus, a total of 22 out of the 27 pillar churches are or will be direct Boston daughter churches, Boston has also targeted teams for Amsterdam, Athens, Cairo, Dublin, Lagos, Port-au-Prince, and Taipei.

Chicago- -United States (particularly Midwest)
Chicago has planted a church in Minneapolis-St. Paul and replanted a church in St. Louis. Future targets include Philadelphia, Seattle, Dallas, Detroit, Portland, and Baltimore.

Atlanta--Southeastern United States
The Atlanta church has two roles: to plant churches in its territory and to "service the struggling discipling ministries in this region." Future plantings include "The Research Triangle," North Carolina; Knoxville, Tennessee; Lexington, Kentucky; Little Rock, Arkansas; Jacksonville, Florida; New Orleans; Norfolk, Virginia; Huntington, West Virginia; and Jackson, Mississippi.

San Diego--Southwestern United States
The Mission church in San Diego is responsible for California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The Mission church is already supervising churches in Phoenix and Albuquerque. Future targets include Houston and Orange County, California.

Denver--Western United States
This church was originally established by the Crossroads Church of Christ in 1986. Led by evangelist Marty Wooten, Denver plans to establish new churches throughout its territory and "striving to help some of the smaller discipling ministries in this part of the country as well."

Providence--Northeastern United States
The Providence church became separate from the Boston church in June 1985. Targets include Hartford, Connecticut, and Buffalo, New York.

Los Angeles--Pacific Rim
The Los Angeles church will be planted from Boston in 1988.

Washington, D. C.--unidentified territory
This church will be planted by the Boston church.

Miami--unidentified territory
This church will be planted by the Boston church.

San Francisco--Asia
Targets are Manila, Bangkok, and Seoul.

New York--Brazil, Africa, Portugal
The New York City church planted a church in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in June 1987. Future targets are New Brunswick, Delhi, Nairobi, and Lisbon.

London--Great Britain, Africa, Asia, Australia
The Central London church planted a church in Sydney, Australia, in January 1987. The London church has plans to send teams to Singapore, Bangalore, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Birmingham. According to the Boston bulletin, London will assist Boston in planting a church in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Central Toronto church bears responsibility for planting churches throughout Canada. The church intends to plant churches in Vancouver and Montreal.

Mexico City--Central America and South America (northern)
The Mexico City church began in October 1987. Already, the Boston leadership has announced the future targets and "lead evangelists" of new teams. The targets are Guatemala City; San Jose, Costa Rica; Panama City; Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Caracas, Venezuela; and Bogota, Colombia.

Buenos Aires--South America (western and southern)
Led by Martin Bentley, the Buenos Aires church is scheduled to begin in January 1988. The church has plans to establish churches in Quito, Ecuador; Lima, Peru; La Paz, Bolivia; Asuncion, Paraguay; Montevideo, Uruguay; and Santiago, Chile.

Sao Paulo--Brazil and Portugal
This is one of five pillar churches not planted directly by Boston. The New York City church commissioned Mike Taliaferro to lead the Sao Paulo church. Targets from Sao Paulo include Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon.

Paris-French--Speaking Europe and Africa, and Poland
Tom Turnbull is the lead evangelist for this church planted by Boston in 1986. Future targets from Paris are Brussels, Belgium; Kinshasha, Zaire; and cities throughout France.

Under the guidance of evangelist Andy Fleming, the Stockholm church has targets in Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark; Helsinki, Finland; and Reykjavik, Iceland.

Helsinki--Finland and the Soviet Union
The Helsinki church will be planted by the Stockholm church in 1988. The Helsinki church will send its first team to Leningrad.

Milan--Italy and surrounding islands
Boston plans to plant the Milan church in 1989, with Bob Tranchell as the "team director." The Milan church will send teams to Rome, Bologna, and Palermo.

Munich--West Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Eastern Europe, and Istanbul
Boston will send a team led by Tom Marks, Henning Droeger, and Grant Henley to plant the Munich church in 1988. Targets include West Berlin and Vienna.

Vienna--Slavic Nations
Grant Henley is slated to plant this church from the Munich church. The Vienna church will be responsible for targeting Yugoslavia, Romania, Albania, Hungary, Bulgaria, and parts of the Soviet Union.

Bombay--India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Middle East
Planted by Boston in January of 1987, the Bombay church plans to coordinate its efforts to reach the surrounding area with the London and New York churches. FIrm targets are Calcutta and Madras.

Tokyo--Japan, Okinawa
George Gurganus and Steve Shoff lead the Tokyo team as members study the language. The church will be planted in 1988 with Frank Kim as lead evangelist.

Hong Kong--China
Boston has set January 1988 as the starting date for the Hong Kong church. Led by Scott Green, this church will eventually attempt to plant churches in the key cities of mainland China.

Singapore--Malaysia, Indonesia
The London church is scheduled to plant a church in Singapore in 1988. The team's evangelists are James Lloyd and Daniel Eng.

Sydney--Australia, South Pacific
The London church planted the Sydney church in

January 1987. Future targets from Sydney include Melbourne and Auckland.

Boston "replanted" this Jamaican congregation in January 1987. Under Boston's influence, the Kingston church has targeted Nassau, Bridgetown, and Port of Spain.

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